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On April 10, 2021, join us for Trauma and the Body, an online event exploring the impact of trauma on relationships, self, and body. 

Physical isolation, political upheaval, racial injustice, and healthcare concerns have been loud this pandemic year, and we have yet to see the long term effects of all that we have experienced. Our bodies tell the story of this trauma, often before our minds are able to process it. Everyday connections with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and faith communities can suffer unexpectedly. What if there are ways to understand what’s going on in our bodies, to listen to and believe our bodies, and to begin to receive care and relief?

Join us as we engage the impact of trauma with experts Abby Wong-Heffter, LMHC and guest, Jenny McGrath, LMHC.

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Trauma and the Body occurs live on April 10 2021, and the recording is available for purchase through June 10, 2021.

Access to the recording is available April 13 - July 10, 2021 through your account at courses.allendercenter.org.

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The conference is available for purchase at $69. This registration fee is per device log-in, and includes access to the video recording until July 10, 2021.

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